Learn and grow.

Webinars, courses, training and resources to equip you as an entrepreneur not only to become successful, but also to become a source of well-being to others. 

Academy Webinars

Let's Talk

Monthly meetings to discuss relevant business topics

Young Professionals

We offer different webinars and meetings for young professionals.

Business and finance

Business development


Business God’s Way
To integrate Biblical principles in your business in
order to excel.  –>

Christian Entrepreneurship
In this eight-session video series we discuss Christian entrepreneurship and its first priorities. You can use this course to start a small group, being a conversation starter or use it individually to get inspired.  –>

Finance God’s Way
Understanding Biblical principles about financial decision making to thrive.  –>

BizMin Course
We believe that every Christian business leader, owner and entrepreneur has an incredible opportunity – to do business in such a way that it positively impacts the world for the glory of God. –>

BridgeMeetings are a meeting place for entrepreneurs. You will meet with peers in an affirming environment to discuss business, to gain insight from great leaders and from each other. –>

Conversation Starters

for Small Groups

Impulse Series: Business Finance
12 discussion sessions about practical and topical business problems.  –>

Impulse Series: Managing Employees
12 discussion sessions about practical and topical business problems.  –>

Impulse Series: Sales and Marketing
12 discussion sessions about practical and topical business problems.  –>

You as business leader

Personal development


God at Work
This course for business leaders addresses the day-to-day pressures of demanding work environments and the challenges of combining work, faith, and family life.  –>

Discover your calling
This training for young professionals helps you to understand, ’how to develop a unique leadership style and maintain a healthy working life that fits with how you are designed’.  –>


Surpassing Success
A transformative journey for business leaders and entrepreneurs; finding a fulfilling life and business.  –>

Coaching, mentoring and leadership

Leadership development


Spiritual Leadership Coach Training
This training will help you to develop a communication style that helps you to understand your interlocutors better and serve them in their questions and needs on a higher level. These skills are useful in your team meetings, management meetings, interviews, performance reviews, counselling, and spiritual conversations. –>

Conversation Starters

for Small Groups

Leadership Series
A series of books each comprising discussion sessions on topical and practical leadership problems and development. –>

Trusted Partner

European Leadership Academy
We can also provide practical and spiritual leadership trainings in your nation together with our trusted partner, Abraham Maldonado from the European Leadership Academy. –>

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Share the gospel and build others in Christ

Spiritual development


Alpha Business
Discovering and exploring the basics of Christian faith. –>


Becoming a marketplace ambassador for Christ
Many Christian business leaders are uncomfortable when it comes to sharing their faith. God however is still at work. This training will equip you in joining Him in His work. –>

Becoming a spiritual reproducer
Sharing your life and faith with others. CBMC offers a great resource in doing this. –>

Trusted Partners

Building teams and best practice business ministries

Ministry Development


Tailor made support
Leading a sustainable, vibrant, and healthy business ministry requires integrity of heart and skillful hands.
With our experience and expertise, we can help you to start or revitalize your ministry. –>

Small groups

Building small groups
Small groups are the foundation of a healthy business ministry. –>

Kingdom at Work Action Group

Action Groups
A small group concept that take place over the course of a year in monthly meetings. During this time you will be equipped to develop your business’ purpose, build an aligned leadership team, develop a Kingdom culture within your organization, and foster a relational style of leadership with your leaders and team members. –>