Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk Webinar | Juni 15th 2022, 17.00h CET

June 15th 2022

17.00h (CET) by Zoom

Reinventing Yourself in the Marketplace

with Shan Gastineau

In his presentation Shan will share principles that foster reinvention which he has learned from personal experience, business leaders, ancient philosophers and the Bible.  Some unique questions to be addressed are –

  • Does this generation demand relevance like none preceding it?
  • Is there any value these days in a liberal arts degree?
  • If it is not broken, then break it?
  • What does living the examined life mean?
  • Why is living an integrated life a prerequisite for reinvention?
  • We may be climbing the ladder of success, but are we climbing the ladder of significance?

No advanced preparation is necessary for this event other than the willingness to have our certainties challenged.

Let's Talk

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