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Weekly Devotionals

Enjoy the blessing of giving while you can

Giving. This topic stirs a variety of emotions. For some, it creates great joy – even happiness – knowing the benefits it can provide for others. For others, it causes frustration; having limited financial resources, some people feel they can barely meet their own needs, let alone give to help others.

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Reading Plans

Reading Plan – Financial Discipleship in Business

Discipleship in business means learning how to apply Biblical principles to everyday decisions. Financial discipleship is important because Jesus said, “You cannot serve both God and Money.” (Matthew 6:24) Money is a major competitor for our devotion. Financial discipleship is learning to serve God and use business finances for His purposes. This reading plan will help you discern God’s ways in handling money in your business.

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Reading Plan – Daniel: A Faithful Young Professional

How can young Christian professionals build a career – and excel in a competitive business environment – if the secret of their success is their personal religious conviction and their relationship with God? We read about this in the story of Daniel and in the narrative relating the experiences of the present author, Wouter Droppers.

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Reading Plan – What does faith have to offer entrepreneurs in times of crisis

As entrepreneurs, we are often under a lot of pressure. Think of changing revenue models, new technology, new legislation, staff members that do not live up to our expectations, a bank drawing up new cash flow requirements, and other extraordinary economic circumstances such as Covid-19. How do we as entrepreneurs deal with these circumstances and what is the added value of the Christian faith in times of pressure and crisis?

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Who still understands the word “virtuous” today? Its use has long gone out of fashion. The new virtue is more something like Astrid Lindgren lets Karlsson once said “It’s got to go bang, and it has to be fun, otherwise I won’t come!” In other words, it should bang “very” and “a lot”.

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