Walking together.

Join one of our groups of entrepreneurs and business leaders to find community, accountability, friendship and mentorship.


No – it’s not a program!

Your calendar is full. You have meetings everyday. We know.
So this is not the next meeting, or the 10th zoom call with an agenda.

Join a community of peers and like-minded entrepreneurs or business leaders,
who really can empathize with your journey.

Virtual groups
We have several virtual groups of international business people and young professionals. We meet through Zoom on a monthly basis where we share, support and inspire each other.

Submit your details and we will connect you with a group that suits you.

Local groups
We have local groups in more than 35 nations of Europe and multiple cities. Together with our partners we have over 400 small groups with different settings, target groups where you can find community, accountability, friendship and mentorship.

Europartners helps you to find the local group that is your perfect fit.

Mentoring and coaching

We all have challenges and need friends to help us and share experience with. Sometimes you just need a listening ear, sometimes prayer, sometimes someone to offer you new insights. This is where our mentoring and coaching program can help you. Experienced Christian business people can provide one to one coaching and mentoring for your faith development.

Find a mentor

Are you looking for a mentor, someone who walks alongside you, maybe for a little while, maybe longer?

The primary goal of this journey is focused on following Jesus in your business and personal life as an entrepreneur or business leader. It is not a program to become educated in business or management.

Fill in the form below and we will connect you to a mentor.

Become a mentor

Are you passionate to come alongside people, sharing your life, experience and insights? You can apply to become a mentor or coach.