Business Ministry Leaders

Leading ministry is tough. Share the load.

As a business ministry leader, you are in a lonely position, because there are not many of you. We can support you with an international network, many years of practical experience, best practice, the latest insights, up to date resources, and with mental and spiritual support.

Let us help you to excel in your calling.


In 40 nations in Europe, we are connected to multiple business ministries, with more than 500 teams and more than 9.500 business leaders involved.

• We meet 3 times a year virtually by Zoom
• We meet once a year, in-person during our annual retreat
• We have virtual small groups of national leaders who pray and exchange experience monthly
• We give one to one support on a regular basis on application

If you would like to become part of this community, get in touch and we will contact you afterwards


What do we have for you?


Our retreats and events to encounter God and speak with Him personally about your ministry and (professional) life.


To get inspired yourself and to have conversation starters for your small groups.

The Academy

Multiple resources and trainings to develop your ministry and equip your leaders. Next to information for building small groups.