Living faith, revealing Christ

Walking beside you to meet, share, support and inspire you on your journey.

Why? Because we care.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs, we are all on a journey to reach our personal goals, to realise our ambition, to make a difference and take care of our loved ones. This can be challenging and difficult, but also incredibly rewarding and exciting. Sharing with friends doubles the pleasure and halves the load. Together you will gain insights that you would never find on your own.

Fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders from Europartners would like to come and walk beside you. To encourage, share and celebrate. To help you to get to know and to understand the source of abundant life and love, because we value and care about the family of people whose common language is business.

Walking together

We create places and experiences where you can meet yourself, God and peers. We hope to inspire, equip, and mobilize you to become a channel for well-being to others through your business, your community and your family life.

Our focus – business leaders and entrepreneurs
We are Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our work and education is in business, therefore our heart is to serve this community. Business is the language we speak and the environment we work within.

Our foundation

Our trust is in the God of the Bible. We point to Jesus as the key for an abundant life
and to his words and example as a guide for our life and business.

Our goal

That you as a business person
discover the blessings and abundant life
that God wants to share with you.