Building Small Groups

A source of blessing for the participants, their family, their business friends, and the local community.

Small groups are the foundation of a healthy business ministry. There is a wide variety in business small groups. Our specialism is the Accountability Impact Group.

Accountability Impact Group
The accountability impact group is a small group of entrepreneurs and/or business leaders. They meet regularly and would like to be hold accountable in their faith, business, and life, to receive wisdom, new insights, and encouragement. They pray and intercede for their families, friends, business. They also like to be transformational, share the gospel, help each other, and support local initiatives to bless the local community and the church.

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Business Outreach group
These groups are about knowing God experientially (spiritual growth) and making God known to others (spiritual reproduction).

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Business Transformation Group
A Business Transformation Group is a gathering of business and professional people from different non-competing organizations that come together for the purpose of discussing their hottest issues and most critical problems. A Group leader coordinates, guides and coaches to get maximum results.

The purpose is to train business and professional people along a pathway of transformation to create eternal impact with an excellent and profitable business.

More information in the manual

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