Ministry Development Support

Building a business ministry is a spiritual process supported by good craftmanship and skilful hands.

Tailor made support

We can help you to build or revitalize a business movement in your nation. We offer a tailor-made process of coaching and understanding God’s voice, next to practical support for raising a leadership team, establishing a supervisory and advisory board, making a strategic plan, raising finances, and becoming transformational and impactful for business leaders.

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Our credentials

Europartners (established in 1989) has a long experience in building transformational national business ministries which last long. Europartners is connected to many international global business movements and is in Europe connected to more than 40 nations and various business ministries and/or movements.

Europartners ministry coach is Wouter Droppers. Wouter has as come alongside leaders in the business world for more than thirty-five years. He has served as the president of several companies in the automotive sector. Wouter was also president of CBMC in the Netherlands, a business ministry based on evangelism and discipleship, with in his time 95 small groups where businesspeople met, prayed, where accountable to each other and planned activities to evangelise and disciple other business leaders, next to executing local initiatives to bless the city and the church.

Currently Wouter is president of Europartners, where he advises, supports, and encourages Christian entrepreneurs and ministry leaders throughout Europe about the topic faith and business.

He studied business, management and at a later age theology. He is also the author of the book, ‘The Jerusalem entrepreneur, becoming a source of well-being.’ He is married, has two children and lives in the Netherlands.


A shared mission:
Seeing business leaders come to Christ and helping Christian business leaders intentionally live out the Gospel.

Shared values:
The preeminence of Christ, as Son of God and Son of Man, and the scripture as the supreme and final authority in faith and life.