MoldovaDecember2015 1 kopieWe are specialized in guiding young professionals to become the people that God has intended them to be. To that end, we provide training weekends and mentoring, all over Europe. We are aware that being a young professional in a fast-changing world can be a rollercoaster ride. The marketplace with its competitiveness can be more confusing than straightforward. You may find yourself playing a wide range of roles, wearing multiple hats. To really know who you were made to be and live that out is vital. But it is not easy to get there. Our Academy can provide just the guide you were looking for. 

Training Weekends

Our Academy provides for three weekends of training. It is limited only to for young professionals 22 – 35 years old) who are working in the marketplace. These weekends which will be held once a year and consist of:

Year 1. Growing in self-leadership; this includes discovering God’s calling, and developing potential, skills, talents, gifts and personality and character traits. You can read more in our manual "Discover your calling and destiny as a leader" which we use during year 1.
Year 2. Living as a Christian in the Marketplace; this includes teachings on a Biblical understanding of work, business, economy and finances. You can read more in our manual "Business and Finance God's way" which we use during year 2.
Year 3. Sharing the Gospel and becoming a spiritual reproducer; this includes teachings on evangelism and discipleship, a personal application of the Gospel, and coaching. 


Specifically for those with great potential, we are providing mentors. If you are interested in having a mentor, you will have to have attended the young professional weekend and qualify by doing an online assessment. The Europartners Academy will then decide if a mentor will be provided. The mentoring relationship is for one year, with the possibility of continuation for multiple years. More detailed information about mentoring can be found here.


If you are interested in having three young professional weekends in your country, here is what you should be aware of: 

    • Europartners provides this program and its trainers for free. Our website, registration form and payment system are available and ready to be used.
    • You will have to help us by organizing all the practicalities of the weekends, which include location, promotion, communication with participants, and financial administration. 

Interested? Please contact: 

olivier baumann

Olivier Baumann 

linda baumann

Linda Baumann