Learn from the experienced.
One-on-one mentor committing his/her time to you.

Our experienced businesspeople are willing to share life, give insights and ask the right questions in a personal setting. In the challenges you face they will also be the listening ear, the devoted prayer partner and provide guidance.

Target group: Young men and women desiring to become a leader
                         of influence and ambassadors of Christ in the marketplace.
Recommended frequency: every 4-6 weeks, but to be defined with the mentor
Commitment: 1 year, continuation is possible (max. 3 years)

Testimonials from other Young Professionals:
“My relationship with God is totally different from 3 years ago.”
“Miracles and blessings happened in these 3 years.”
“They were open every single time and I felt I could say anything without being judged. That helped to heal a lot. I am blessed.”

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