God at Work

How to work as a Christian business leader in today’s highly competitive business world.

God at Work

Learn the benefits of being a Christian in the marketplace, and how to live a resilient, wise, and good life as an entrepreneur in today’s challenging business world.

This course is based on the book “God at Work” by Ken Costa but has extra content as well. Ken has been a banker in the City of London for over thirty years. Ken knows well the day-to-day pressures of demanding work environments and the challenges of combining work, faith, and a family life.

Topics are: ‘Does my work matter to God, ambition, tough decisions, stress and resilience, work life integration, failure, good stewardship, spiritual renewal, and money and giving’.

Use this course for personal study, your small group meetings, or as an in-person course in your nation. Download the leaders guide here and use the videos below.  

Overview of course topics

Normal sessions
01 Work Matters
02 Healthy Ambitions
03 Decision making
04 Stress and resilience
05 Work-Life Integration
06 Good Stewardship

Weekend sessions
07 Failing well
08 Spiritual Renewal
09 Challenges of Spiritual

Normal sessions
10 Money matters
11 Success and Purpose


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