Spiritual Leadership Coach Training

The Spiritual Leadership Coach Training (SLCT) is designed to facilitate long- term change in the way you lead and in the way you relate with peers in the marketplace and emerging leaders within your network.


This training manual will help you to develop a communication style that helps you to understand your interlocutors better and serve them in their questions and needs on a higher level. These skills will help you to understand others better and help them to reach their goals or desired outcomes.

May God bless you in acquiring these coaching skills, and help you to improve the communication, and relationships with others in helping them to grow in their personal, spiritual and professional life.

We can also offer this program as an in-person training in your nation. In this case the full course consists of a 2 days in-person training and an 8-week online follow-up.

To get an impression of the Spiritual Leadership Coach Training, download the booklet.


If you want to develop your team in coaching or run this course in your nation, mail Europartners.