An extraordinarily effective way to develop leaders at every level of business and ministry.


CBMC developed a high-quality training on this concept. We are grateful that we are allowed to use it. This program gives insight into coaching techniques that align with 21st century communication styles. One of the features of contemporary styles of communication is to focus on and connect with the other. Where is the other in his or her life, and where does he/she wish to go?

Instead of exchanging information, a contemporary coach is a skilled question asker and knows how to listen intently. In doing so, the coach may be able to reach beyond the surface of felt needs and have a heart-to-heart conversation. We trust that the Holy Spirit will then enable the other to discover his or her needs, longings, and desires in a unique way. Coaching then becomes an extremely helpful style of communication; we focus on respecting the other and allow God to speak.

The full course consists of a 2 days in-person training and an 8-week online follow-up.

To get an impression of the Coach Training, download the booklet.


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