Journey to a fulfilling
life and business.

We want to help business leaders and entrepreneurs find a fulfilling and rewarding life, as Jesus promised in John 10:10; ‘I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.’

Therefore we are building Surpassing Success a transformative journey for business leaders and entrepreneurs and are building a community to help them climb the second mountain of success.

A new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs lacks Christian friends, holds scepticism towards the church, and turns to the internet for answers regarding their faith, life, and business. Our target group has climbed the first mountain of success and is seeking significance. 

We provide answers to their four main questions in an attractive and contemporary manner from a Christian perspective, without using explicitly Christian vocabulary, aiming to assist them in finding solutions for their needs. We offer them a journey from the internet to a personal Christian coach/mentor.

Being where they are.

So with Surpassing Success we want to start where this new generation is: online. YouTube is the biggest platform online where people go to for inspiration, information and guidance. So we started by creating 4 video’s in which we talk about topics that are being looked for online. These topics are: Finding Purpose, What is True Wealth, Building Relationships and Failing Well. Next to YouTube we are reaching to entrepreneurs on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.


Next to the video’s, we offer multiple tools around the 4 topics, to connect on a personal level. Every video is accompanied by a free Digital Guide that is a great resource, goes deeper into the topic and gives guidance towards other resources and mentoring. When people want to, they can engage with our mentoring program and receive personal feedback, inspiration and guidance.


Because we believe people can make a difference, and are created for so much more.
Because we believe that we have to meet people where they are. 

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