Where is the profit, progress, or purpose?

Gathered together were admirals, generals, captains, colonels, corporate CEOs, medical doctors, professors. Influential men of various ranks and professions. None of their successes and failures were apparent, however, for without their uniforms they all looked the same. The gathering was a trip down memory lane, our U. S. Naval Academy class of 1961’s 55-year reunion, in 2016. As I looked around the room and recaptured memories of all those young warriors, filled with incredible hopes and dreams and aspirations, all I could think of was, “Where have they gone?”

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Who still understands the word “virtuous” today? Its use has long gone out of fashion. The new virtue is more something like Astrid Lindgren lets Karlsson once said “It’s got to go bang, and it has to be fun, otherwise I won’t come!” In other words, it should bang “very” and “a lot”.

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Reading Plan – Daniel: A Faithful Young Professional

How can young Christian professionals build a career – and excel in a competitive business environment – if the secret of their success is their personal religious conviction and their relationship with God? We read about this in the story of Daniel and in the narrative relating the experiences of the present author, Wouter Droppers.

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Reading Plan – What does faith have to offer entrepreneurs in times of crisis

As entrepreneurs, we are often under a lot of pressure. Think of changing revenue models, new technology, new legislation, staff members that do not live up to our expectations, a bank drawing up new cash flow requirements, and other extraordinary economic circumstances such as Covid-19. How do we as entrepreneurs deal with these circumstances and what is the added value of the Christian faith in times of pressure and crisis?

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Reading Plan – Biblical Entrepreneurship

How can we as entrepreneurs contribute to the happiness and well-being of all those involved with our company? Where do we find our own happiness and contentment? The biblical cities of Babylon and Jerusalem form the basis of this first series. They are symbols for two ways of thinking about happiness and business.

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Why Christians Are Already Prepared for Crisis

Many non-Christian entrepreneurs are asking me: ‘What is the added value of being a Christian in times of crises? We live in the same world, face the same circumstances, and experience the same crises?’ So, what is the added value of being a Christian as entrepreneur in times of crises?

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Becoming a Source of Well Being

In the business world, I see how entrepreneurs think very differently about being successful. Some entrepreneurs limit their view of success to personal well-being, happiness, and self-gain. They think in terms of power, competition, and winning. Their primary goal is to maximize profit, and their motto is “the end justifies the means.” Others prioritize the interest of the client and the interest of the other stakeholders. Their primary goal is to improve the well-being of everyone involved, and their motto is “adding value to the client, the society, and the world in an economically profitable way by maximizing the well-being of all stakeholders.” These entrepreneurs, when guided in their decisions by God, are what I call faith driven entrepreneurs.

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