Online Training Mentoring

Helping Business Leaders finding Christ

A compact but comprehensive training program for you as a potential mentor and disciplemaker

To effectively welcome friends and non-Christian peers, in a contemporary and kind way to the Christian faith we have developed a compact but comprehensive training program for you as a potential mentor and disciplemakers.

The training is conducted in English, but during daily practice, we connect you with people from your own nation. This allows you to speak and share in your own language with your mentee. This option depends on your preferences.

7 Tuesdays from 19 march till 30 April 2024
From 19.00 – 20.30h CET

Zoom (you receive a link after registration)

Date                     Theme                                                                               Trainer

19 March          How motivation change your approach             Bert den Hertog

26 March         You as a mentor are part of the process            Bert den Hertog

2 April              Active listening                                                     Wouter Droppers

9 April              Powerful questions                                              Wouter Droppers

16 April            Obstacles on the way                                          Jan Willem Overwater

23 April            Everyone has its own way                                  Jan Willem Overwater

30 April            The next step, a curriculum and evaluation      Wouter Droppers


Jan Willem Overwater

Jan Willem Overwater, a seasoned corporate banker with over 20 years of experience across Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Jan Willem is passionate about mentoring and coaching, holding various qualifications in systemic therapy and coaching to emphasize the importance of people in achieving lasting business success.

Outside of his professional life, Jan Willem is a dedicated Christian, committed to living out the teachings of Jesus every day.

Wouter Droppers

Wouter Droppers has come alongside leaders in the business world for more than thirty-five years. He has served as the president of several companies in the automotive sector and currently is president of Europartners where he advises, supports, and encourages Christian entrepreneurs throughout Europe about the topic faith and business.

He studied theology, as well as, and he is also the author of the book, ‘The Jerusalem entrepreneur, becoming a source of well-being.’

Bert den Hertog

Bert den Hertog is CEO of Compass Europe ( ), a network in Europe of 18 countries for making financial disciples by financial disciplers. He is also involved in the global leadership of Compass Global. He serves the national movements and is pioneering new countries of Compass across Europe. He is also a financial coach and trainer in the area of recovery from debt and unemployment.

His current passion is questioning evangelism an approach to sharing one’s faith that involves asking thought-provoking questions to engage in meaningful conversations about spiritual matters.


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