We are a movement of and for business leaders and business ministry leaders in Europe. We are connected to a 40 business ministries and movements in 34 European nations, with over 400 small groups/teams or hubs and 7.500+ business leaders in reach of the connected local ministries and movements. Europartners functions as support, help and incubator for these European ministries and nations. Next to this, we help business leaders to get to know Christ and inspire them to live and work as marketplace ambassadors for Christ.


Vision, Mission, Strategy

1.1 Vision 

That all businessleaders*, accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, and that they reflect Jesus Christ and the values of the Kingdom of God in the way they think, behave, speak and conduct their business, so that all people honour and glorify God for who He is.

* A business leader is the person responsible for the strategy and profit/loss of the company (or of a department/subsidiary of a company). They can decide about their own time and the companies resources.

1.2 Mission 

Seeing business leaders come to Christ and helping Christian business leaders intentionally live out the Gospel.

1.3 Target groups 

•National leaders of local business ministries in Europe
•Small/medium size business owners and the leaders of companies, who we serve throughout the local business ministries.
•International and high level business leaders
•Young entrepreneurs and potential business leaders

1.4 Distinct voice

•Bringing people into God’s presence, - awareness of the work of the Holy Spirit.
•Helping people to understand Scripture and Jesus' Lordship and presence for their life and work.
•Focus on ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’
•The power of relationships, authenticity, genuine interest and real encounters

1.5 Strategy

a.) Creating places and events where business leaders can meet God, themselves, and equals around the theme:
     • “I (Jesus) have come, so that they may have Life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10)
     •  Becoming the business leader God designed you to be, in the image and likeness of Christ. (Genesis 1: 27; Romans 8:29)

b.) Inspiring, mobilizing and equipping Christian business leaders to become a marketplace Ambassador of Christ throughout whom Christ can speak to their friends and peers.

1.6 Offer

•Local small groups and encounters with peers in your own nation
•Weekends/retreats/meeting places/travels for meeting God, yourself and peers
•Inspirational moments
•Coaching, mentoring, and discipleship relationships, to understand God’s voice for your life and business
•Intercessory prayer and prayer support
•Knowledge and insights about business, finance and leadership from God’s perspective

1.7 Promise

• The promise: Is a process of fulfilment.
     ➢ Becoming a business leader in the image and likeness of Christ
     ➢ Receiving the Holy Spirit to bear fruit in accordance with Christ and his character.
     ➢ Receiving Gods presence, protection and promises in this broken world today.
     ➢ Becoming part of God's Kingdom and being part of God’s nature. This can start today and the process of fulfilment continues through our lifetime and into eternity with Christ.

1.8 Statement of faith

We subscribe to the Apostle Creed and the Nicene Creed. We believe in the Scripture of the Old and New Testament as inspired by God, and that they are of supreme and final authority in faith and life.

The good news of the gospel is that we as humans can become part of God’s Glory and Kingdom by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. 

Why did God start with this world? Why did God start with your life? What is his dream for this world and your life? How can you become part of this? (see video below)