WoutWouter Droppersweber Droppers

Wouter Droppers is president of Europartners. He has come alongside leaders in the business world for more than thirty-five years. He has had leadership roles in several companies. Currently he is the director of Europartners, an international movement for Christian professionals, where he advises, supports, and encourages Christian entrepreneurs throughout Europe. 
People seek out Wouter for his wealth of business experience, his wisdom for life, and his very practical and down to earth approach.  He likes to coach and help business leaders to combine faith with business.
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Olivier BaumannOlivier Baumann

Olivier was born in Berne, Switzerland. but was spending most of his obligatory schooling years near Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Growing up in a Christian home, it was natural to talk about Christian faith. Olivier visited grammar school and then graduated in business administration at the University of Berne. He commenced his professional career with an internship at the Federal Finance Office, which was followed with working in and leading various government-wide projects for the Swiss Federal Government until 2012. Over the next two years, God started a unique journey with Olivier and his wife, resulting in supporting a start-up firm in the fitness branch (pure fitness) and shortly afterwards with the collaboration and partnership in a financial consulting firm (emendo family office). More information: here