Trainers & hosts

FransVanSantenFrans van Santen

Frans is Europartners coordinator for young professionals, and former director of the Dutch platform for young professionals known as the IMPACT Network. Before that he was a business professional, working with and advising local governments to improve their organizational structure and financial situation. Over the years, he has become specialized in leading weekends.

WouterDroppers 2Wouter Droppers


Wouter is president of Europartners. Europartners is a ministry to help and establish business ministries in every nation in Europe. He has gained business experience in the automotive sector and worked in this business sector for several companies and at different levels of management for 22 years. 

Prior to his current position of president of Europartners (2015), Wouter chaired CBMC Netherlands (2007-2015). Before that he served as managing director within one of the largest automotive retail companies in the Netherlands (2001-2007).