Young Professionals Weekend, Comarruga (Tarragona) 10-12 November 2017

spainWhy should you be there?
Are you looking for a fulfilling life with a clear purpose? Would you like to know more about God’s unique calling for your life? Would you like to develop your unique leadership style as a Christian in business? Then this weekend might be perfect for you!

For who?
For young professionals between the age of 22 and 35, working in the marketplace. Please note that this weekend will be taught in Spanish.

What will you learn?
We provide a method to help you discover your unique calling based on your personal life story, your passion, your skills, talents and God’s calling. You will be working on your life and leaderships motto, and a unique leadership style that fits with your personality and ambition. We will also help you develop a life style and support team which enable you to realize your personal goals.

Why should you be there?

  • You want to serve God in the best possible way with the talents and skills He gave you;
  • You want to serve God in your daily work and life;
  • You want to glorify God for who He is, in every area of your life including your daily job;
  • You want to discover and fullfil your potential;
  • You want to discover and develop your unique leadership style;
  • You want to know your calling;
  • You want to meet other Young Professionals;
  • You want to learn from peers and experienced businesspeople.

Want to know more and register?
Our partner Tres-E is hosting this weekend. More information about the weekend, including fees and registration.