Venue and costs


 Our weekend will take place in the new Santa Cruz Youth Hostel. VenueThis location is located close to the ocean, has good conference facilities and great atmosphere that fit the purpose of our program. The hostel is simple in its style and therefore very affordable. It has recently been remodelled and looks brand new. The pool and tennis court can be used at your convenience.

You will be staying in a room with three other participants of the same gender. If you would like to book a room for yourself, the price will be € 70,-- higher. If you would like to stay at a hotel during our weekend, please contact us for recommendations.


 Registration fee

 The registration fee for access to the Young Professionals Weekend program is 86 Euros. Included are your stay including meals, a training manual, daily coffee breaks and lunches. You can pay this fee upon arrival at the registration desk on Friday evening. The desk will be opened every day before the start of the program.


People who come from the airport can take a taxi. The price will be about 40 Euros.