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wouter droppersWouter Droppers

Wouter is president of Europartners. Europartners is a ministry to serve business people and establish business ministries in every nation in Europe. He has gained business experience in the automotive sector and worked in this business sector for several companies and at different levels of management for 22 years. He started his business career within the largest retailer of car parts, within the Netherlands, and worked his way to the top and into the management. 

At the age of 28 he left this company and started to work as president of a car-dealership of VW/Audi. After this, he served as managing director within one of the largest automotive retail companies in the Netherlands and was responsible for the Volvo and Range Rover brand in his area. At the same time, he studied theology and graduated.
Prior to his current position of president of Europartners, Wouter chaired CBMC Netherlands for 8 years. 

Abraham Maldonado

Abraham Maldonado

Abraham is the founder of European Christian Life Academy in Malaga, Spain.  studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Puerto Rico.  He worked 8 years as an Infantry Officer (Captain) in the US Marine Corps, and 6 years as a Special Agent of the FBI. He then worked 10 years as Director of Corporate Security and later Executive Vice President of PaviaHealth, Inc., the largest healthcare provider in Puerto Rico. In 1998 Abraham graduated from Haggai Institute, a Christian Leadership Development School in Singapur, and later became a member of  its International Faculty for 8 years.  He has coordinated  missionary and evangelistic events as well as leadership training seminars in over 40 countries.