YP04Mentoring an essential part of the Young Professionals Academy. Our program helps in the process of discovering your calling and destiny, and in helping you develop into a healthy leader. Our mentors are experienced businesspeople who are followers of Jesus in the marketplace. They are committed to provide their experience, time, prayers and wisdom for young professionals who are willing to learn. 

Aim of the Mentoring Program

Through a structured and personal mentoring process, we are guiding young leaders as they develop in the following three areas:

1. Healthy leadership; growth in self-awareness and self-esteem is needed to become a healthy leader. A mentor guides the young professional as he or she takes on more responsibility, deals with stress and pressure, while celebrating successes and graciously evaluating failures.
2. Healthy spirituality; growth in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ is vital in life. A mentor prayerfully guides the young professional by talking about this regularly and by being a living testimony.
3. Healthy professional ability; growth in performance levels is to be expected, since young professionals are exposed to many opportunities. By helping with setting challenging goals and by evaluating these goals over time, the mentor helps the young professional to make profit of the opportunities that come along.

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Our initiative aims at young men and women who have a desire to become a leader of influence and are committed to following Jesus in the marketplace. Your country is in need of leaders who are willing to follow Jesus and as such using their creativity, enthusiasm and skill for the benefit of others. To unlock this leadership potential within individual young people and to foster its growth, Europartners offers this program.

Access to the Mentoring Program

To acquire a mentor, the young professional needs to join a weekend of the Young Professionals Academy. These weekends are available in several European nations. The discoveries and plans that are made during that weekend will be discussion material within the following year. Europartners provides mentors for those participants who are interested in growing further and deeper. They will discover their personal, spiritual and professional roots and be guided to grow in these areas.

By joining this program, the young professional is committing him or herself to walk alongside his or her mentor for one year. It is very likely that he or she will be part of a group of three young professionals who are being mentored at the same time by a mentor from another nation. After this year, a renewed commitment can be given by joining a subsequent weekend of the Young Professionals Academy and thereby continuing the mentoring program.


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