UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 584fAs a mentor, you stand alongside the young professional as he or she takes responsibility for growing as an individual. You are guiding the young professional after the Europartners YP Training Weekend for one year. In doing so you help him or her with making work of the discoveries that were made, helping the young professional to start walking into the direction of the calling and destiny that God has for him or her.

Through a structured and personal mentoring process, we want to support young leaders as they develop in the following three areas:

1. Healthy leadership; growth in self-awareness and self-esteem is needed to become a healthy leader. A mentor guides the young professional as he or she takes on more responsibility, deals with stress and pressure, while celebrating successes and graciously evaluating failures.
2. Healthy spirituality; growth in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ is vital in life. A mentor prayerfully guides the young professional by talking about this regularly and by being a living testimony. The mentor will help the young professional to make decisions with God.
3. Healthy professional ability; growth in performance levels is to be expected, since young professionals are exposed to many opportunities. By helping with setting challenging goals and by evaluating these goals over time, the mentor helps the young professional to make profit of the opportunities that come along.


The mentoring program is part of the Young Professionals Academy. More detailed information and guidelines for conversation can be found in our Mentoring Handbook.