Tune in.
Ask questions.
   Share minds.

If you are a young professional or young entrepreneur and you have questions about your life, career, faith and business, then join the Europartners Webinar series, ‘Being Fruitful in the Marketplace’. These are interactive webinars with experienced business professionals and entrepreneurs who are willing to share their life and take your questions.

  • It is a nice place to meet other young professionals from all of Europe.   
  • It is a place you will find sincere and honest answers to your daily challenges.
  • It is a place to strengthen your faith and to apply it to your ordinary daily work.
  • It is a place of wisdom, insights, encouragement and shared vulnerabilities.
  • This webinar will help you to become fruitful in your working life.


The first ones taking your questions and being open over their life, struggles and victories in the marketplace are:


Tuesday 27 October 2020
Linda Baumann (CH), owner of a design studio

Linda Baumann was born in 1984 in Berne, Switzerland, married to Oli. She has a banking and teaching background. In 2017, Linda started her own creative business and now offers a variety of design services such as unique projects in the area of modern lettering, graphic design, business branding, creative workshops and business coaching. After dedicating her business to the Lord about a year ago, her way of doing business and her perspective on success vs. fruitfulness changed dramatically. She is amazed how God’s marketing strategies lead her to a new dimension of fruitfulness.


Tuesday 24 November 2020
Daniel Jackson (NI), owner of a building company and working on city development
Tuesday 29 December 2020 
Murielle Coco (Fr), professional and project manager in the automotive industry
linda baumann


Every last Tuesday of the month from 19.30h. – 21.00h.



By sending an email to olivier.baumann@europartners.org  with your

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Nation
  • Age

Afterwards we will send you the participation link and password (Zoom).


Tune in.
Ask questions.
Share minds.