Wouter Droppers socialsFor all business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners. A webinar series of Europartners by Wouter Droppers.

What is it about?

Topics we will cover are: ‘What does it mean to be a Christian business leader? How does this look like? What are the characteristics of being a Christian in business and what is God’s role in this? But we will also talk about very practical business and earning models to make the goals of a Christian entrepreneur happen, and we will talk about building resilient and lasting companies which can survive crisis, companies which are driven by purpose instead of chasing the money.’   


Join the webinars every 1st Tuesday of the month, 19.00h - 20.30h CET.


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Theme and intro text to each meeting

  • 2 March - The added value of being a Christian entrepreneur, in times of crises 
    What are the answers the Christian faith is giving for entrepreneurs in crises. What is the future? How to deal with insecurity? Is there a purpose? What is the added value Christians have in times of crises? We will discuss these questions from a personal and entrepreneurial perspective.

  • 6 April - Building resilient and sustainable companies
    We live today in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguity) society. This crisis will not be the last one. How to prepare our companies for tomorrow and the next crisis. Many companies are shifting their focus from efficiency to resilience. Excellence and efficiency are the basics to stay in the game, but it is presupposed by our clients. But our next challenge is to stay in the game, despite changing circumstances. Therefore we need to  think about becoming more resilient.

  • 4 May - Move from money driven to purpose driven and well-being 
    In a company where the motive has changed from financial goals to a purpose and ideal that is greater than the existence of the business, meaning is central. Meaning or purpose can be defined in different ways, but is usually closely related to the personal motives of the entrepreneur. Meaning and purpose help you to get staff that is not working for a pay cheque, but they work with you because they believe, what you believe. How you can build companies on the base of purpose that also contributes to the well-being of man and creation.

  • 1 June - Biblical earning models
    How to make your money in a Biblical way, that adds value to client and society? To many times we develop earning models just for the sake of making money and leaving the customer and society behind in a mess. What are the differences and what does the Bible teach us?


By Zoom, after registation we will send you a link to the meeting.


  • 30 min Introduction, theme
  • 35 min break out rooms and application
  • 25 min Q&A

In total 1h and 30 min.