Ukraine support

We are heartbroken over the desperate situation that our brothers and sisters are facing in the Ukraine. We have received the warmth, hospitality and friendship of our brothers and sisters many times during our travels.

Our friends of EGCC are putting together a rapid response to provide humanitarian help to Christians who have been directly affected by the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. We would like to join forces with them, because of their professionality and network.

As we want to support our Ukrainian friends in this unprecedented crisis, please consider joining forces with us and EGCC in prayer and practical help.

How to join in prayer?

Subscribe to our online Facebook Prayergroup and receive regular updates.

How to donate?

If you would like to make a donation, use our donation page.

If you would like to donate through a tax deductible organisation in your country, just let us know through mail and we will help you.

What do we do with your support

We focus mainly on immediate humanitarian help done through our trusted partners – organisations we have been in touch with and have supported over the past years.

The main focus of the short term is the following
– transport (helping the refugees escape to a safe area and helping them reach a place with accommodation, food, kids + baby equipment, sleeping bags, mattresses etc.)

– medical equipment on the way for refugees + for Ukrainian hospitals (the hospitals especially are currently in urgent need, missing some basic medicine and equipment)

– helping the Ukrainian refugees with some assistance in their new “homes” (e.g. health care, social insurance assistance, assistance at the embassies as many people don’t have passports etc)

The needs are changing every day so we cooperate closely with the local organisations, being in touch with them on a daily basis. We want to be quick when it comes to answering the urgent needs, yet be wise at the same moment, realising the “steward” role we have. All the above is done via Christian organisations and churches – people are often confused, scared. If appropriate, we also try to offer counselling and prayer, of course, in a very sensitive way.


We partner with other local Christian organisations and 400 churches in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, like:

• Josiah Venture  (present in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic)

• Ewangeliczna Polska (a network of 60 organisations + denominations from all over Poland – a country where most refugee flee to)

• Christian Academy in Ukraine (having some very important contacts in churches in Eastern Ukraine – the most effected region bordering directly with Russia)

• Cornerstone Foundation Romania

• GiveFirst Foundation