The following materials provide information for teams and small Groups and their set-up:

Building Europartners/CBMC Connect3 teams:

The team is the most basic unit within the Europartners/CBMC ministry. The Connect3 team has proven to be invaluable in the critical process of Christian growth within Europartners/CBMC. The Connect3 team serves to connect team members to God, to one another, and to the cause of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the workplace. 


Building Connect3 Teams Booklet - PDF booklet
Building Connect3 Teams Trainer Guide - PDF booklet
Buidling Connect3 Teams Presentation- PowerPoint presentation

More info about connect3 teams. Here

Materials Cover Business Outreach Groups


Building Outreach Groups

These groups are about knowing God experientially (spiritual growth) and making God known to others (spiritual reproduction). How can we reach the millions of European business and professional people with God´s message of reconciliation? Our Answer: Spiritual multiplication through multiplying local business outreach groups.

Business Outreach Groups- PDF booklet

Training sessions Business Outreach Groups
Business Outreach Groups - Session 1 - PowerPoint presentation
Business Outreach Groups - Session 2 - PowerPoint presentation
Business Outreach Groups - Session 3 - PowerPoint presentation


Materials Cover Business Transformation Groups

Building Business Transformation Groups

A Business Transformation Group is a gathering of business and professional people from different non-competing organizations that come together for the purpose of discussing their hottest issues and most critical problems. A Group leader coordinates, guides and coaches to get maximum results.

This opportunity to build alliances and synergize the experiences and intellect of each Group member yields personal and professional gains that are immeasurable. The gained insight and counsel from each member helps building incredible friendships and networks.

The purpose is to train business and professional people along a pathway of transformation


Business Transformation Groups - PDF booklet

Training sessions Business Transformation Groups
Business Transformation Groups Training - Session 1 - PowerPoint presentation
Business Transformation Groups Training - Session 2 - PowerPoint presentation
Business Transformation Groups Training - Session 3 - PowerPoint presentation


Building Small groups in general

Building Small Groups - PowerPoint presentation, Introduction