1. Monday Manna

Great resources as a conversation starter for Europartners/CBMC small group meetings!
These weekly devotionals are designed to give businesspeople something to think about as they go about their week. CBMC is doing a wonderful job in making these devotionals available for you. If you do not receive the Monday Manna already, just sign up with your email address on their website: http://cbmcint.com/index.php/monday-manna
The devotionals are available in different languages as well through local translations. Check the available translations on: http://cbmcint.com/index.php/monday-manna/monday-manna-other-languages

 2. Impulse Booklets

Picture Business FinancePicture Sales and Marketing Picture Managing Employees
A series of short discussions for businesspeople. 
A series of three books, each comprising 12 discussion sessions on topical and practical business problems:

Business Finance - Europartners booklet (PDF format)
Sales & Marketing - Europartners booklet (PDF format)
Managing Employees - Europartners booklet (PDF format)

3. Leadership from a Biblical Perspective

A series of short discussions for people in leadership.
A series of three books each comprising some discussion sessions on topical and practical leadership problems and development.


EP Leadership MosesEP Leadership DavidEP Leadership Timothy


Moses: In this study we take a look at the life of Moses as a spiritual leader,
learning how to take the spiritual principles from his life and apply them to our own.
Each section begins with a starting point, supported by a few biblical texts and a few questions for personal application.

David: In this study we’re going to look at a self-made man,
a man who would ultimately be used by God to lead the nation of Israel.
Despite his limited or complete lack of formal education, in contrast to Moses,
we see how David became a great king.
The secret of David’s life is God, who moulded and formed David each day into the image of Himself.
Through studying David’s life, we may also learn to be men and women after God’s heart.

Timothy: In this study we are going to look closely at both the letters
Paul wrote to Timothy and the development process in this young leader.
We’ll follow the life of Timothy from the beginning until about halfway,
as the exact details of the end of Timothy’s life and ministry remains unknown.



4. Course: God at Work - for businesspeople and professionals

Booklet God at Work

This is a course, but can also be run in a small group setting. 
The course is based on the book "God at Work" by Ken Costa.

Topics are:

You can download these chapters, one by one. Please read Introduction and course overview first.

This booklet has 11 Chapters divided in 2 parts for 22 small group meetings.  

God at Work - Leader's Guide complete


5. Being a marketplace ambassador

Living proof series
A reality-based video series demonstrating how to become an insider of your friends, share the gospel while living a natural, winsome and Bible-centred lifestyle. By treating them with respect, and being authentic, genuine, trustworthy and sincere. Not being a salesman, but building meaningful and long lasting relationships of value.

Use every meeting one video and discuss it together. You can watch all videos on: https://vimeopro.com/cbmc/living-proof
Or use the CBMC http://advance.cbmc.com website. You all can login for free.


The 10 attributes of a marketplace ambassador
A video series talking about the 10 attributes of a marketplace ambassador.
Discuss with each other the video seen and use the PDF for scripture verses and discussion. 
01 Walking daily in intimacy with Jesus Christ - download the PDF
02 Living in accountable relationships with believers - download the PDF
03 Sharing faith in Christ in my sphere of influence - download the PDF
04 Helping others grow spiritually through life-on-life discipleship - download the PDF
05 Living an integrated life with proper life priorities - download the PDF
06 Living a life of generosity - download the PDF
07 Applying Biblical principles in all areas of my life - download the PDF
08 Maintaining a standard of excellence with integrity -download the PDF
09 Genuinely caring for people - download the PDF
10 Living out God’s call on my life - download the PDF 


6. God at Work Conversations

Twelve essential conversations to inspire the way you work:
Episode 1: God's Purpose for Work
Episode 2: Called to Work
Episode 3: Authentically You
Episode 4: Transforming Work Culture
Episode 5: Money Matters
Episode 6: Enjoy Giving
Episode 7: Good Ambition
Episode 8: Failing Well
Episode 9: Right Decisions
Episode 10: Smart Decisions
Episode 11: Living Well

Episode 12: Tackling Stress


7. Business at Its Best: Timeless Wisdom from Proverbs for Today's Workplace  

BusinessAtItsBestWritten by Robert J. Tamasy
Bob builds a strong case for Proverbs - and principles from other books of the Bible - being the best resource ever written for men and women in the business and professional world. Over 53 concise chapters, he explores important, contemporary workplace topics such as leadership, integrity, competition, communications and decision-making.


 8. Finances God's way

Small group study on Navigating Finances God's Way - Financial Study
Small group training for Navigating Your Finances God's way - On demand training video

9. Business God's way

Small group study on Business God's Way - Business Study
Small group training for Business God's Way - Leading a group video