Picture1 TeamsSmallGroupsWithin Europartners we work with teams and small groups.
Teams are more intentional in sharing the gospel with others as a goal.
Small groups are more a fellowships about learning, sharing life and business, receiving wisdom and to get inspired and equiped. 


The team is the most basic unit within the Europartners/CBMC ministry. At various times and places it has been called different names including prayer meeting, prayer breakfast, Bible study, committee meeting, traditional team and workplace team. We are now moving toward one common term...
The Connect3 team.

The Connect3 team has proven to be invaluable in the critical process of Christian growth within Europartners/CBMC. The Connect3 team serves to connect team members to God, to one another, and to the cause of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into the workplace.
Another way to put it would be that the Connect3 team serves as the foundation for all of our evangelistic and discipleship efforts. By spending meaningful time in fellowship, praying for those who do not yet know Christ, sharing personal needs and hurts, and studying how to apply biblical principles at work and at home, team members grow together in unity and purpose even as they mature individually.

Small groups

Business leaders, business owners and professionals often find themselves in a lonely and challenging place. Great mutual encouragement and benefit could be enjoyed in meeting up with others in a similar position, therefore we love to facilitate small group meetings where participants can share their stories, give and receive encouragement and pray for each other. They function as a source for ideas, initiatives and activities to reach out to others and society as well.

More information

This section of our Resources Center offers you references to learn more about the benefits, experiences and set-up of teams and small Groups. Furthermore, you will find materials to get started with your own team/group and resources you can use for your meetings.

Please feel free to comment on the materials provided. We are also interested in your own experiences related to teams and small groups.
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