Experience Israel with the CBMC/Europartners family as you travel through Israel on this 4 days adventure!



avi snyder vkwouter droppers vkDiscover a deeper understanding of the Bible by standing on the very sites where the Word of God was lived and penned. We will include one day of teachings with Mordechai Wiseman about Kingdom business and visit some examples of this vision. Dive into the Holy Land, enjoy the friendship and strengthen your faith.

Apart from the guide of Sar-El, who will give all the information and explanation of the places we will visit, Avi Snyder is present on this tour as our spiritual guide and Wouter Droppers as our host.  


On Sunday we will visit Masada (including cable car ride), Ein Gedi and Qumran. We will finish this day with the Dead Sea Swim before checking in to hotel Eyalin in Jerusalem.

On Monday we will have a business day with FirstFruits. Mordechai Wiseman will be joining us during this day, he will speak about kingdom companies and we will visit one. At the end of the afternoon we will check into our Galilee Hotel for dinner & overnight. 

Tuesday we will enjoy a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. We will visit Capernaum, Tabga and the Mount of Beatitudes. At midday we will have a St. Peter’s fish lunch and afterwards we will visit Magdala and the Yardenit Baptismal Site. Yardenit is situated on the banks of the Jordan River, at the Southern tip of the Sea of Galilee. This is the water in which Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. 

The next day, on Wednesday we will go to Nazareth Village, visit Megiddo and Mount Carmel (Muchraka). We will go to Caesarea as well and we will close our travel together to check into our hotel in Tel Aviv for dinner & overnight.

Package includes

All hotels are good 4 star hotels. We will be staying in:

  • Eyalin | Jerusalem
  • Ein Gev | Sea of Galilee
  • Grand Beach | Tel Aviv

Hotel rooms are included in the price and are on H/B basis, which means including breakfast and dinner. Of course all visits to the sites are included in the package.Other Services included in this package: a professional guide, a bus and headsets. 


  Early bird Regular
Double room € 646 € 717
Single room
€ 845 € 939

Excluding: lunches, drinks and tips -driver, guide, hotels.

Recommended tip rate: Between $5-$6 per person per day for the guide, between $4-$5 per person per day for the driver and $1 per person per day for the hotels to be divided between front desk, house keeping and restaurant staff.


As a movement, we have come to understand and embrace Christian coaching values and methodology as an extraordinarily effective way to develop leaders at every level of our ministry. To this end, we have partnered with CBMC and the Center for the Advancement of Christian Coaching (CACC) to produce customized coach training available to all levels of  leadership. Our training is based on professional coaching standards from the broader Christian coaching movement, and represents our desire to coach with excellence and accountability.

What do we offer?

During this pre conference training day you will learn the basics of Christian coaching. 
This training will equip you to coach others in a Christ-centered one on one relationship where you partner with them for growth, change, and forward moving progress. Based on professional coaching standards, this training will prepare you to help others:

  • explore and clarify personal and professional values

  • create specific action plans for achieving goals and pursuing dreams

  • wrestle through life and leadership challenges

  • hear from God

It will also be helpful in: your daily business practice, every one to one conversation and encountering and it will improve your discipleship meetings and your chair skills in small groups or your management team as well.


In the eight weeks following the workshop, you’ll be a part of a weekly 60-minute tele class which will build upon and deepen the content you learn at the first workshop. Additionally, you’ll be doing a moderate level of reading in the benchmark Christian coaching book, Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, and in your LCT manual.

Your trainers?

Paul Johnson

PaulJohnsonPaul Johnson serves as the Director of Leader Advancement for CBMC. He has a passion for seeing emerging leaders become reproducing leaders, and has collaborated with others in developing a number of successful equipping and engaging strategies including Leadership Coach Training, Building Spiritual Reproducers, and Connect3 Team Leader Training. In addition to regular travel around the United States, Paul’s speaking and training engagements have taken him to 64 countries on 5 continents. He spends up to four weeks per year serving CBMC International leaders around the world. Paul did his undergraduate work at Metro State University and received his masters from Bethel Seminary. Paul and his wife Carol live in St. Paul, Minnesota and have three grown children and three grandchildren.CBMC Director of Leader Advancement.

Abraham Maldonado 

Abraham Maldonado studied a Political Science and International Relations at the University of Puerto Rico. He worked 14 years for the US Federal Government, 8 years as an Infantry Officer (Captain) in the US Marine Corps, and 6 years as a Special Agent of the FBI. He then worked 10 years as Director of Corporate Security and later Executive Vice President of PaviaHealth, Inc., the largest healthcare provider in Puerto Rico.
In 1998 Abraham graduated from Haggai Institute, a Christian Leadership Development School in Singapore, and later became a member of its International Faculty for 8 years. He has coordinated and participated in missionary and evangelistic events as well as leadership training seminars in over 40 countries. In 2006, Abraham and his family moved to Malaga Spain as missionaries to start the European Christian Life Academy, a ministry dedicated to training influential Christian leaders throughout Europe on advanced leadership skills for effective evangelism. He also pastors a the Path of Life church in Malaga. Abraham is married to Mayra and has three children. They currently live in Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, Spain.


Hotel costs for own expenses:
€ 47,50 - double room
€ 85,- - single room

Training € 75,- this includes diner at Tuesday evening, coffee breaks and lunch as well. 

You can register for the this training through the registration form for the conference.
If you have questions or would like to receive extra information please mail: wouter.droppers@europartners.org

There are scholarships available, when you are part of the target group, but not able to pay your own expenses.






07.00 - 07.45



08.00 - 09.00



9.00h - 10.30h


Training session 1

10.30 - 11.00


coffee break

11.00 - 12.30


Training session 2

12.30- 13.30



13.30 - 15.00


Training session 3

15.00 - 15.15


coffee break

15.15 - 16.00


Training session 4

16.00 -17.00


Joint session graduates former training



Start conference at 18.00h

18.00 - 18.30


Cocktail reception @ hotel

18.30 - 20.00


Welcome and opening: Wouter Droppers



Jan van der Velden



Testimony and life sharing on theme conference


Dinner @ hotel

Dinner @ hotel

21.30 -23.30


Young Professional meeting

We offer a special parallel program for spouses. This is a very interesting program and contains a special sightseeing program on Thursday afternoon too.


gertruud bakker vkTheme: The Jewish Jesus.
Speaker and host: Gertruud Bakker


Gertruud Bakker- Kemper is an ancestor of a Jewish great grandfather, who was a rabbi and converted to Christianity. She is an author and wrote several books. One of her books is called: The Jewish Jesus.

She will guide us through the world of Jesus and she will explain his teachings from the Old Testament and the Jewish culture of his time. She will also talk about our tasks in life and the purpose of Jesus ministry and use a Jewish pair of spectacles. She said: ‘The bible has so many beautiful insights, through the Hebrew words, that makes Gods word fascinating’.

There will be enough time for asking questions and interaction. She will also be available for personal prayer and private conversations about everyone’s. She is looking forwards to meeting you. Baruch Hashem.


Who is this training for?
Every, business leader, business  owner  and professional who would like to reach out to his non-Christian peers and lead them to Christ.

What are Bridge meetings?
These are meetings where we invite our business friends to talk about their personal life and their business, without the objective of evangelism. We offer  them a platform to share their thoughts and benefit from peers in a real encounter which leads to connection and friendship.
The Bridge Meetings are open to everyone in the marketplace, there is no judgement. There is no other goal than bringing business people together in a safe place where they can share their life, ambitions and challenges and where they can benefit from each other’s experiences. They will receive wisdom and discernment from the introductory talks and from their friends 

Goal of the Bridge meetings?

  • To connect with non-Christian business leaders and business owners. To build a relationship based on trust, respect and relevance. 
  • To help them to improve their quality of life and business.

Why Bridge meetings?
We would like to take away barriers so that business people can receive the message of the Gospel in an open and fair way. The most common barriers in communication in general are: trust, respect and relevance.
If these conditions are not fulfilled, we can send messages, but they will not be received. We notice that there is a lot of distrust, a little respect and people feel lack of relevance about the Christian faith. With these meetings we would like to take away these feelings. 

What are we going to do in this training? 
We help you to get familiar with the content. It is a train the trainer program and not a workshop. Afterwards you are able to run these meeting places in your nation and invite your peers.  

Preparations and requirements before participation

  • Preparing all the session by reading the power points and watching the movies. 
    During the training we only immerse ourselves deeper in the curriculum and take questions.

  • Because of this preparation and the time it needs, registration before December 8 is recommended. (After registration you get access to all the materials, by a password)



  • Hotel costs for own expenses:
    € 47,50 – double room
    € 85,-- single room

  • Training  € 85,--

You can register for the this training through the registration form for the conference.

If you have questions or would like to receive extra information please mail: wouter.droppers@europartners.org