The Jerusalem Entrepeneur Front CoverThe Jerusalem Entrepreneur:
Becoming a Source of Well-Being (by Wouter Droppers)

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How do we move from a money-driven business to a purpose-driven business that is a blessing to society, creation, and God and still be economically profitable?

In The Jerusalem Entrepreneur, Wouter Droppers contrasts the biblical cities of Jerusalem and Babylon, which represent the two models of business that dominate today’s business world.

Babylon, the city of man, emphasizes self-realization by means of power, competition, and achievements. The primary objective is to make money. Its motto is “the end justifies the means.”

Jerusalem, the city of God, emphasizes love, justice, and service. The primary objective is the well-being of all. Using the New Jerusalem as his example, Wouter reveals how the New Jerusalem entrepreneur welcomes God’s involvement and can add value to the client and the world in an economically profitable way.

Wouter shares insights and lessons through personal stories and experiences to inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to follow God in their business and become a source of well-being for the world around them.

Are you ready to be a Jerusalem entrepreneur?


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