JesusnetWhy Jesus for businesspeople and professionals

"Why Jesus for businesspeople and professionals" is an interactive online course about knowing Jesus.
"Why Jesus for businesspeople and professionals" is therefore a practical introduction to the Christian faith, forming a bridge between virtual and real life. During the course, every participant is assisted by a personal e-coach. This e-coach is available to discuss the answers a participant gives to the questions of the course material, as well as to answer any questions a participant might have. An e-coach stays in touch with his participant through an online dialogue, forum and/or chatroom.

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Read more about Why Jesus (your personal business card on the Internet) gives Christians the possibility to easily share their personal stories with Jesus to people around them. Interested people can read these stories after an off-line conversation or after browsing on the website. Searchers can directly come into contact with the writer of a story. We believe that through these testimonies, God can speak to people personally.
On the backside of your normal business card you can print your my-story Internet address and direct your relationships to your personal story on Internet.

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