Spiritual leadership course/training

Spiritual Visionary Leadership
This training is a discipleship tool that is made to build and equip business leaders. You can use these materials in a small group with a mentor, or in a one-to-one setting.

In this training we want to grow as a follower of Jesus. The starting point of the course is that there is only one leader and that is our Lord Jesus. How does His leadership impact our lives and how does He work through us? How can we be a follower of Jesus and at the same time be a leader for the people around us? What do we mean to our families, friends, colleagues and business associates? How can we develop new apprentice leaders for the future? We learn to think about bearing fruit rather than about success and glory.

Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Part 1 (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Part 2 (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Part 3 (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Part 4 (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Part 5 (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Part 6 (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Teamrole Questionnaire (PDF file)
Spiritual Visionary Leadership - Belbin Roles (PDF file)

This training is facilitated by Europartners in Europe; please contact us for a trainer in your own area. 
Please send your mail to info@europartners.org


ECLA NEW LOGOEuropean Christian Life Academy (ECLA)
Is a unique ministry established in Europe which aims to influence the decision-makers, like leaders in church, business, politics, academia and other professions, by focusing on developing and enhancing their skills to become effective communicators of the Gospel and trainers in their own context.

This ministry and course is led by Abraham Maldonado.