Discover your spiritual gifts, calling and unique leadership style

Booklet Europartners Discover your callingMany of us have questions like: what should I be doing? How should I be living my life? Where should I be going? We would love to help you with answering these questions. 

This booklet below, or our training on location, provides a method that helps to see your life story clearly, to unlock your potential and find your calling and passion. With this you will be able to answer the questions: "How can I make God visible in my work? How can I, both as a leader and a professional, make a difference from the perspective of Christian ethics? That my peers and employees do not only hear that I am a Christian, but that they also experience that my management style and my life style are dignified, inviting and inspiring?"

The goal of this training
To help you as a professionals to:

  • Understand the meaning of your own unique history;

  • See the potential that is present in your life;

  • Become more aware of God’s calling for your life as well as for your own desires;

  • Translate these insights to a unique house in which you want to live;

  • Arrive at a lifestyle that enables you to maintain all this.

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Discover your spiritual gifts

Many people have questions about the gifts God has given to the church through the Holy Spirit. Even though we all speak of the gifts of the Spirit, we may not all mean the same. Some people speak of gifts, while in fact they mean their natural talents. Other people speak of the gifts of the Spirit, and mean exclusively the specific gifts as Paul calls them in 1 Corinthians 12.

Various gifts
In this study we will try to explain the difference between the various groups of gifts mentioned in the New Testament. There are gifts, which are clearly the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit; we do not always have them, but they are available to every church member at a certain time. These we call ‘manifestational gifts; as described in 1 Corinthians 12.
Then there are ‘ministries’ or ‘professions,’ (Ephesians 4:11). These have a certain authority, and are not meant for everybody.
Furthermore, there are the gifts in Romans 12, which match our personality. Therefore these gifts are called ‘motivational gifts.’ Though we often have these gifts by nature, it is important to give them to God as a ‘holy sacrifice, pleasing God.’  Only then will they receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In this study three simple gift tests have been included, which will help us to discover our ‘motivational gifts.’

Personality and position
In the first part of the study much attention is given to the moulding of our personality. Many times it happens that a believer has a deep desire to serve God, but it does not work out, because of weaknesses or deficiencies in his character. In addition, others are insecure about their position in Christ and as a result suffer from feelings of inferiority.


Other people know with certainty what their strong points are, but use these (often unnoticed and unintentionally) wrongly. We will pay attention to this phenomenon as well.

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