Booklet Europartners Discover your callingMany of us have questions like: what should I be doing? How should I be living my life? Where should I be going? We would love to help you with answering these questions. 

This booklet below, or our training on location, provides a method that helps to see your life story clearly, to unlock your potential and find your calling and passion. With this you will be able to answer the questions: "How can I make God visible in my work? How can I, both as a leader and a professional, make a difference from the perspective of Christian ethics? That my peers and employees do not only hear that I am a Christian, but that they also experience that my management style and my life style are dignified, inviting and inspiring?"

The goal of this training
To help you as a professionals to:

  • Understand the meaning of your own unique history;

  • See the potential that is present in your life;

  • Become more aware of God’s calling for your life as well as for your own desires;

  • Translate these insights to a unique house in which you want to live;

  • Arrive at a lifestyle that enables you to maintain all this.

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