We really believe that "everything rises and falls with leadership."
Building on our Biblical understanding of Christ Life Leadership,
and a growing understanding of our new cultural realities,
it is time  for us to take the next step.
The next step is the intentional development of the next generation of leaders
who lead from Christ rather than for Christ;
serve within networks rather than hierarchies;
model connectivity rather than control; and function as a part of a flexible,
empowered, leadership team

Leadership has two aspects:

1.You as a leader with:
Two specific Christian aspects

  • Worldview, paradigms, convictions
  • Identity in Christ and calling

Two more general aspects

  • Personality, character and attitude
  • Talents, skills, competence and craftsmanship

2.The people you lead with their culture, upbringing, worldview personality, character, attitude and skills. 

Starting point and conviction

Christian leadership is in essence delegated leadership. It is about  the Lordship of Jesus Christ in this world. He is the Leader and we are His students and we are His servants.

Christian leadership is about:

  • Pre-eminence of Christ
  • Walking daily in intimacy with Jesus Christ
  • Knowing yourself
  • Knowing and loving God and Jesus
  • Being guided by the Holy Spirit and being moulded to the likeness of Christ
  • Practising: Love and stewardship towards all people and developing authentic and sincere relationships
  • Life on life relationships
  • Understanding others and knowing their life, as being an insider
  • Taking the lead to influence others, through the influence of your identity and position in Christ
  • Building spiritual reproducers.

What we offer:

In this section of our Resources Center you will find some opportunities to develop various aspects of your leadership and leadership style, to lead others to Christ.