The gospel is top-down

Religion is the service of men to God
The gospel is the service of God to men.

God is coming to earth in Christ. He left his Godly position to become human. This movement of heaven coming down to earth, is the extraordinary and unprecedented message of the gospel. It is a top-down movement.

We normally think and act in the opposite direction. In this world we try to work ourselves up to the top. We try to achieve the highest position. In our religious thoughts many of us try to work our way to heaven, by performance and good deeds. Many of us want to climb to heaven to receive the benefits and blessing which are there. Others want to have a better feeling, a better self-image or are looking for justification.

At Christmas God is speaking to us in an opposite direction. God is coming down, to join us where we are. We don't have to pimp ourselves by performance, God left his Godliness and came down to be with us and serve us. It is so freeing, that the gospel is about what God is doing and not about what we are doing. All the burdens and responsibilities I have put on my shoulders are lifted by Christ. We don't have to serve Him, for He is himself the universal giver of life, breath and everything.
It is not about us freeing this world from injustice, evil and anxiety, but about receiving Christ in this world and in our personal life. He then, will send his love, grace and peace in our hearts. Transformation is about his presence. This is the message of the Gospel and our hope for the world.