The kingdom of God?

I once was in Africa and we did a training about leadership. The first day the people could draw a picture of their village on a flip-chart and had the ability to address the biggest needs of their village.
The second day we asked them to draw their village on the flip-chart, to show in what way, they thought, it would have changed when the kingdom of God had arrived. To my surprise and I was really shocked, they drew a western city with hospitals, airplanes, cars and motorways. I asked them why they thought this was the kingdom of God? They answered me: 'Because the kingdom of God is about abundancy, prosperity, wealth, richness, good living, well being and everyone is a Christian, and that is what you have in the west.' Is this the kingdom of God?
Is this the kingdom of God or the city of Babylon, reign by the great prostitute of Babylon (to Revelation 17-18), and being the city of men, instead of the city of God?

The attributes of the kingdom and the city of God are defined in character traits and being.
It is a kingdom inhabited and defined by a special kind of people. People who love Jesus and want to be like Him. These are the people of love, grace, compassion and justice. People who can forgive, bring comfort and work on righteousness. People who love to die and suffer to help and save others. People who can reject a happy life for the cause of something bigger, the other. Their society is a paradise because of who they are and who their God is and not about how the society is built in the material things and their outward appearance. It is about being and caring.
The city of Babylon is about clothing yourself in wealth. Clothing yourself with expensive clothes and precious stones. Me first, my company first, my nation first.
The clothes of the city of God are the deeds of the righteous people. God is not clothing himself with precious stones, but the city and the inhabitants reflect his promises and not any personal gain or wealth. It is about who you are and what you do for someone else and not for yourself. It is about offering comfort, peace and righteousness to others.

Please don't talk about the kingdom anymore as a place of personal wealth, abundance and richness in this world. The kingdom of God is about being, your heart, your lifestyle and the desired outcome is peace, love and righteousness and God's government. The kingdom of God can be everywhere, it is not far. It can be in the refugee camps in the Middle East, it can be in African or European nations where some people lost hope and others bring hope and set people free to discover true love and life. It is not in the circumstances, it is in you. When the kingdom is fully disclosed in the revelation of Christ, it will be a kingdom and society with peace and righteousness, because of the love and presence of God and his people. No one will suffer and there will be no death, no mourning, no crying and pain, but it is not in our western economical thriving society and a higher BDP.
I can only beg you in God's name: 'don't go that way'.