Our calling and mission

In my travels I meet a lot of confusions about Europartners and I see local and national business ministries struggling with their calling and identity. As Europartners we would like to be clear about our calling and mission, which is: ‘Bringing business leaders, -owners and (young) professionals in the marketplace to Christ and disciple them afterwards’ . This distinguishes us from many others and gives us a unique position. This is a ministry driven by relationships and personal encounters between peers and business friends, were we are compelled by the love of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:14) to share with them the most precious and magnificent gift we have; our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ himself.
Improving business skills, economy and business is not our calling, there are better and more skilled institutes which can realise this, and this will not help our friends to find Christ. Our first and primary target group are the non-Christians business leaders, -owners and (young) professionals in the marketplace. Our goal is bringing them to Christ throughout Christian business people and professionals who are willing to be part of this mission. We call these Christian business people Marketplace ambassadors of Christ, in alignment with 2 Corinthians 5:20:
‘We are marketplace ambassadors of Christ and God is making His appeal through us; to beg the world on behalf of Christ, to be reconciled to God’ .
Doing business as a Christian business person is a topic we face from a discipleship perspective. This it is not about the business, but about you as a Christian business person in the marketplace and how you relate to other (business)people and Christ.
Many business people, complain about time and priority; we don’t have time for this, we are too busy. But be aware, this concept of a Marketplace Ambassador is not about doing, new activities, extra activities or building national movements or organisations, it is about being.
About who you are, formed to the image and likeness of Christ (Romans 8:29), so no extra program and activities, but living your faith in everyday life. Celebrating Christ in business!
Celebrating love, forgiveness, grace, compassion in business and witness of what you have received and seen from God to the people you already meet and are related too. It is living an integrated life, a life of one piece. Your company is not a goal in itself, but only a tool and means to an end.
The calling and mission of Europartners is not about business, but about businesspeople and -leaders in their relationship to Christ and their peers.