New Years Wish 2017

Dear friends,


2017 Is starting.

Some people feel anxiety, unease and turmoil.

Some people see a new future and all kind of possibilities.

Most of us would like to understand so we can react well.


But God is saying,:

Calm down, cease striving and know that I am God.

(Psl 46 : 11)


In repentance and rest you will be saved,

In quietness and trust is your strength.


In calm detachment lies your safety, your strength in quiet trust

(Isaiah 30:15)


Instead of trying to understand so we can react well, it is better to have a clear state of mind to understand well.


If God is going to finalize his work, we can quietly and calm do ours: ‘ Loving and serving all the people we meet with our businesses and skills, and telling them the good news of Jesus who finalized his job already as redeemer of this world’.


Wish you Gods presence, love and quietness to act well.