To do something meaningful and your calling

If you are searching for doing something meaningful in life, search for your holy discontent. In experiencing pain, suffering
and the cry of a situation or people you will find your heart, meaning and longings.
In your talents, skills, your experiences and history you will find the abilities how you could deal with this.

More and more my pain, sorrow and pity lies in this generation of people searching for meaning, purpose, love, recognition and
happiness. As a result of this people feel and look strained, stressed out, worn out, worried and troubled. Too many demands in
one time and often subject of ‘friendly’ but aggressive pressure from their managers, their friends, our culture and themselves.
People without a leader, without an anchor and without a home, refuge or shelter.

At the same time I hear the heart cry of God and Jesus who would like to take care of them and help them: ‘The sight of the
crowds moved Jesus to pity: they were like sheep without a shepherd, harassed and helpless’
. Elsewhere in Scripture we read:
‘Jesus cried; How often have I longed to gather you, as a hen gathers her brood under her wings; but you would not let me’.

Jesus is saying: ‘Come to me, all who are weary and whose load is heavy; I will give you rest’. This is not about you learning to
behave better, more ethical or being a game-changer who can save the world or making the future of this world. It is not about
principles for rest and happiness. This kind of Christianity would only make your burden bigger. It would pile up even a heavier
weight of responsibility on your already hectic life. Be glad it is not upon you, but about what Christ did and is doing.

Jesus is saying: ‘Take my yoke upon you’. The yoke of two oxen before a plough. One of the oxen is Jesus and you are the other one. In this metaphor you start to accompany Jesus on His journey. This is a deep secret. We often think our load will be less if Jesus accompanies us, but if you think this way you are still the leading partner and the yoke will be an absurdity which stands in the way of you, your movement and your goals, because Jesus is on the other side and going His way in His speed and His direction. The secret is that you accompany Jesus. In this way the yoke of life becomes soft, because Jesus is directing and you follow His moves. He is gentle and humble hearted and therefore you will find rest for your soul.

Therefore I would like to connect businesspeople and professionals to Jesus Christ. In Him is our future, glory and enjoyment.
The Kingdom of God is about the Lordship of Jesus. You don’t build the Kingdom, you search it and find it. It is about Jesus Himself
and His Lordship in your life. Accompany Jesus and find your rest, future and calling. ‘It is God Himself who called you to share in
the life of His Son Jesus Christ our Lord’ .
This is our calling!

You want to do something? God will give you a burden on your heart to live for, but let this burden never take away your calling,
to live in unity with Christ.