Meaning of life

I meet too many (business)people with only one focus, and that is to be successful and happy. What will happen when this is your most primary focus? 

I made a comparison with people who’s primary focus is bearing fruit. This doesn’t exclude success, a lot of them are successful as well, but it exclude success as primary driver and goal, and that makes a hell of a difference.

Success  Bearing fruit (John 15) 
Something you do It happens to you and throughout you
It is a daily hunt, never stops It is being connected to Christ
It is for you and your praise It happened to someone else and has eternal value
You are, your latest success You are a branch, a channel of blessing
Focus on your achievements Focus on God
Key are: your efforts and talents    Key is: your intimacy with Christ
It is about scarcity and taking It is about multiplying through sharing
It is a means It is a goal

The meaning of life is not found in the results of your actions, but in the ‘Why questions’, why are you doing what you do. Meaning of life is about motivation and drivers.

Success is about the ‘How question’, how will you make things happen. Success is about the result. 

In today’s society we focus too much on result only and too often we forget the reason why? We get our praises and self-esteem from results, but God is not interested in results (Acts 17 :24-25). He can achieve them most easily without our interference, probably He can achieve them more fully without our interference. Sure we have a task, but that is not to be successful, it is about bearing fruit (John 15).

Bearing fruit is about people and relationships. When we are connected to God, then He will fill these relationships with joy, because He will change our ‘Why question’. In our connection with Jesus we grow to the conviction that life, economy and business is not about you and success, but about relationships and love. This does not exclude doing, but it includes doing in the right way and out of the proper motivation. This doing is not only about the result, but also about what it leaves behind in someone.

When you have no need to become, you can be.
When you are free from the need to be, you can care and love.
When there is no need to achieve something, you can have inner rest and receive.
When God could give Himself to you, you will overflow and bear fruit.