Peter Briscoe

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  1. “I just don’t know where it all goes. The month is not finished and we’re shot already.” This seems to be a common phenomenon, affecting people with all sizes of income. However much money we earn, there always seems to be more month than money! It is a well-known saying that “money talks”, but all […]
  2. “Having money is more fun than not having any!” Seems logical, but is it always true? Does having more money always bring joy and life fulfilment? A documentary on Dutch TV described the rise to fame of a Dutch artist Folkert de Jong, one of the most successful contemporary artists in Holland. His expressive sculptures […]
  3. ‘Christians should warn governments about the effects of debt and greed’ Spanish group Evangelicals in Economy and Business organises conference for business leaders. Meeting regularly with fellow believers is “vitally important.” “The Bible has much to say about dealing with people and money, innovation and creativity, decision-making and leadership”, believes Peter Briscoe, a former executive […]
  4. This is an excerpt from my presentation at the European Economic Summit, Amsterdam September 7-9, 2016. How Much is Enough? How much is enough? This is a very easy question to ask but difficult to answer, but the answer, when found, will lead to the ability to realise the most important things in our lives. […]
  5. “Stuffocation’  s a new word which we could easily add to our dictionary. The trend watcher James Wallmann coined the term to describe the feeling that too many things, too much stuff is suffocating our way of life. Thanks to mass production and global markets, we have access to a huge amount of relatively cheap […]