Monday Manna

Monday Manna is a weekly devotional from CBMC International who serves and encourages business and professional marketplace leaders to share the Good News with others in the workplace, resulting in lasting life change.

Christian Business and Marketplace Connection International
  1. February 18, 2019 – Robert J. Tamasy  “I want to make a difference.” Have you ever made this statement? It is a thought many of us have expressed, whether in public or at least to ourselves. Whether you are a Baby Boom generation member on the back end of your career, or a Millennial just […]
  2. February 11, 2019 – Jim Mathis  Growing healthy plants is not always an easy proposition. Poor flowering, quickly dried out soil, stunted leaves and stems, and even dropped leaves are signs of distress. Plants give these signals because they are not able to draw enough nutrients and moisture from their current root situation. Often the […]
  3. February 4, 2019 – Rick Boxx  A lot of things go into the realization of success in business: Quality workmanship and service. Execution of a novel idea. Effective leadership and direction. Those, for the most part, are factors we can manage. One factor, however, that we often overlook is timing. Especially, perfect timing. In his […]
  4. January 28, 2019 – Robert J. Tamasy  The majority of people, according to studies, muddle through the workday with all the enthusiasm of someone watching paint dry. For them, the words “work” and “necessary evil” are synonymous. But is this the way it should be? Recently I read an article about a fellow named Fred, […]
  5. January 21, 2019 – Ken Korkow  When I was growing up, my mother often said, “All good things come to he who waits – so long as he who waits, works like heck while he waits.” Yes, my mom and dad were both focused and driven. They had survived the Great Depression and did not […]