Monday Manna

Monday Manna is a weekly devotional from CBMC International who serves and encourages business and professional marketplace leaders to share the Good News with others in the workplace, resulting in lasting life change.

Christian Business and Marketplace Connection International
  1. January 20, 2020 – Robert J. Tamasy  Suppose you were to try identifying the traits you feel are most important for an employer, an employee, a customer or client, or a supplier. What would they be? It might seem simple to list qualities such as talent, skill, dependability and effectiveness, along with some others. But […]
  2. January 13, 2020 – Jim Langley  “Faith” is not a word we often use in the 21st century marketplace, where only things tangible and measurable are prized. However, in one way or another, we all possess and exercise faith. We might define faith as “trust or complete confidence in something or someone.” Many people limit […]
  3. January 6, 2020 – Rick Boxx  Early in my practice as a business consultant, I submitted a bid on a consulting project for a mortgage lender named Tom. During a follow-up interview, I explained to him about my biblical approach to consulting, Tom’s gaze suddenly went cold. Our discussion and the meeting came to an […]
  4. December 30, 2019 – Robert J. Tamasy  All around the world, clocks and calendars are counting down. By this time next week, we will have entered another year, either bidding a fond farewell to the year just passed or simply saying, “Good riddance!” Each new year represents an opportunity for a fresh start. If the […]
  5. December 23, 2019 – Robert J. Tamasy  This week millions of people around the world will observe one of the most significant holidays of the year: Christmas. Although the practice varies from country to country, and culture to culture, one of the hallmarks of this annual celebration is the giving and exchange of gifts. For […]