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  1. He who marries the latest trend will soon be a widower In times of crisis things are sifted. We often see and then focus on what is important. A crisis can reveal what we really value and should prioritize. It applies when we get seriously sick, when there is an upheaval in our family or […]

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  2. Business as Mission, BAM, is part of a greater godly plan which the Jews call tikkun olam[1]: repairing the world. We are living in the tension of the world that is and the world as it ought to be. Tikkun olam means co-creating with God, and bridging the gap between the world which is, and […]

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  3. A brief introduction to Business as Mission, BAM We have produced “talking points” with this infographic. This document will give you a brief explanation of each of the five points. For a copy of the infographic For a social media version, png file

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  4. On March 17 many people around the globe celebrate St. Patrick. He was a human trafficking victim in the 5th century, who became a missionary to the people and land (Ireland) where he was a slave. Let me share a well-known prayer by St. Patrick, and customize it to a prayer for faith driven investors: […]

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  5. She was amazed and perplexed at the same time. She was treated with respect and dignity. She was a woman challenged with disabilities. But her life had changed. With no or little prospect of ever getting a job, she was now working in a manufacturing company. She was creative, she had made friends, and she […]

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