Work from a biblical perspective

These are 2 speeches of our president Wouter Droppers about: ‘ Work from a Biblical perspective’, in English and Ukraine/Russian language.


Faith at Work TGC 2014 Post Conference

Faith at Work

Tim Keller, Bob Doll, Tom Nelson and others helped pastors and workplace professionals grasp a robust theology of vocation that shapes what they do each and every day. The Gospel Coalition has posted all of the post conference videos for the public:

Redefining Work, by Tim Keller
Redefining Work Panel Discussion
Reframing Pastoral Work, by Bob Doll and Tom Nelson
Rethinking Work, by Katherine Alsdorf and Dave Kiersznowski
Rethinking Work Panel Discussion

FaithWorkFaith & Work

Resource centre Faith & Work from Redeemer Church New York, Tim Keller


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