God at Work - course for businesspeople and business owners

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Many churches, business people and young professionals, struggle with the idea about the meaning and purpose of their everyday work. How should I view my daily work? Is God interested in my daily work? How can I related my work to something bigger? How to live a professional life as a Christian? For these people, we have the course God at Work.

The course

This course is based on the book “God at Work” by Ken Costa, but has extra content as well. The target group is: business leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in the marketplace. By its format, it helps to build fellowship among the participants and it will give them  a understanding of how to work in today’s high competitive business world. 

Ken has been a banker in the City of London for over thirty years. He is also chair of Alpha International. Ken knows well the day-to-day pressures of demanding work environments and the challenges of combining work and

Where can the course be used?

• As a general course to equip people
• As a follow-up course to the Business Alpha or Alpha at Work courses
• In churches as material for training, study groups or courses to equip members
• As material for CBMC teams or other business groups
• In impact networking groups
• In companies to equip staff
• In other Christian organisations that focus on faith and the workplace

Overview of course topics

Normal sessions

01 Work Matters
02 Healthy Ambitions
03 Decision making
04 Stress and resilience
05 Work-Life Integration
06 Good Stewardship

Weekend sessions
07 Failing well
08 Spiritual Renewal
09 Challenges of Spiritual Growth

Normal sessions
10 Money matters
11 Success and Purpose


Videos for the various topics

Twelve essential conversations to inspire the way you work:

Episode 1: God's Purpose for Work
Episode 2: Called to Work
Episode 3: Authentically You
Episode 4: Transforming Work Culture
Episode 5: Money Matters
Episode 6: Enjoy Giving
Episode 7: Good Ambition
Episode 8: Failing Well
Episode 9: Right Decisions
Episode 10: Smart Decisions
Episode 11: Living Well
Episode 12: Tackling Stress



Here you find an intro and overview or download the God at Work - Leader's Guide and make this happen in your church or with your friends. 
For more information, you can mail to: info@europartners.org