SCAN0009Many people don’t have a view how God and the Christian faith could be relevant to their daily work, besides evangelism. In this part of our Resources Center we offer some tools to develop a vision for, and to give meaning to your normal daily work. In this introduction we will give some observations as a starter:

Work is important to God

God works, too
The first sentence in the Bible is talking about God’s work. He creates. You could say that God had a spurt of entrepreneurialism. God had a dream and a vision and establishes this by work. He made heaven and earth. He takes risks, making man with a free will, and He is still involved. In John 5:17 Jesus says: ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working’. Through His work, God reveals His plans, His nature and His character. (Psalm 104 and Romans 1: 18-20)

God works throughout our work
The Bible shows us how God’s plans are carried out through people with ordinary jobs. Think of Abraham, who was a cattle trader; Joseph a prime minister, who also dealt in wheat futures; Daniel an adviser and governor; Nehemiah, head of the royal court; Luke, a doctor; Dorcas was in the fashion world; and Simon in the tanning business – maybe the Louis Vuitton of his times.

Our work is valuable to God
We would like to honour God with our work and daily life. Our workplace is our worship place.
And because work creates and cultivates, God values and judges our work. (1 Corinthians 9 -15)

Work is part of creation, paradise and the future

(Gen. 1: 26-28; 2:15 and Isiah 65: 17-25; Rev. 22:5b) God created the world and put man in place with a calling, to cultivate and keep it:

  • Rule this world by serving creation and people
  • You are built to my image
  • Work according God’s principles and nature
  • Create and be creative as God is
  • Multiply and fill the earth, with people to the image of God
  • Live in a close relationship with God to keep connected and know what to do

In the NT we see these callings restored and made possible again by the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. (See for example in the same order as above: Luke 22: 25-27 /  Romans 8: 29; 2 Corinthians 3: 18; Galatians 5: 13-25 / Matthew 28: 19 / 1 Corinthians 1 : 9; John 17: 20-23; Matthew 22: 37-38.)

Work is good and a Blessing in itself

Work can create and give:

  • Economic success, welfare and well-being
  • Financial freedom to give, share, have a good life and care for our families
  • Personal fulfilment, freedom and meaning. At least if we work for a bigger aim, than ourselves
  • A social environment and relationships to connect to, to serve and to love
  • A society and culture and thereby an infrastructure to live in
  • It cultivates everything and can make it to a Blessing

The goal of work is: ‘To unleash all the Blessings which God laid in us and creation to serve others and glorify Him’.  God’s manual for us is the Bible. God’s strength and guidance for us is Jesus’ Lordship and the Holy Spirit.