The Renaissance Forum

Established in 2014, The Renaissance Forum exists to encourage and assist leaders in their quest for meaning and purpose so that they can better achieve wider societal good.
The Renaissance Forum
This objective is achieved by bringing together leaders from varied backgrounds to explore together some of the key themes of life and society. These discussions or “forums” are open to those of all faiths or none and everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner. Forums take place in relaxed and engaging environments, suited to stimulating and challenging, but always respectful, exchanges of thought.

The forums can be quite short, perhaps over an extended breakfast, or much longer, perhaps a day or two. Their focus is a curriculum which draws together extracts of writings on the chosen theme by influential thinkers of the last three millennia.

Incorporated as a charity in England, The Renaissance Forum operates on a devolved basis with activities in several European centres.

In summary: The Renaissance Forum pyramid (PDF file)

For more information, please contact:
Mrs. E. Maureen S. Edmondson
The Renaissance Forum
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