BridgeMeetings: a meeting place for business leaders and professionals

Meeting with your friends and peers in a nice environment? Talking about the stuff that really matters to all of you? Getting great insight from great leaders and thinkers? Organise ones a month an informal meeting with your friends. Join the BridgeMeeting concept.

What is it about?

In these meetings we talk about and share life and business issues. What is the bigger picture we work for? What is purpose, meaning and success? How to live a healthy life and serve others in our competitive and demanding business culture and life? What is my influence in this world and how to use it in a way that gives fulfilment?
The purpose of the meeting is to gather together business leaders in a place where they can share their insights and life experiences freely in a safe and open environment. Our desire is to learn from each other how to improve the quality of our life, our career, and our organizations. We want to create a context where we meet in a real encounter on heart level, with peers and business friends.


Who are we?

We are business leaders and business owners in the marketplace, who can make independent decisions and are responsible for the strategy and the profit and losses of the company or our department.

What will we do?

We will study the values and wisdom of influential (business and non-business) leaders, authors and thinkers, such as Stephen Covey, Ken Costa, Tomas Sedlacek, John C. Maxwell, Paul Donders, Jim Collins, Nelson Mandela, and others.
In our meetings, there is openness for every opinion. We respect each other and share our life experiences, as they are, with sincerity and authenticity.

What topics do we cover? 

First part
Healthy Ambitions   What are your ambitions in your work, in your company and in your life?
Business and Earning Models               What is the way you make money?
New economy  New paradigms and insights for running your company and business  
Work-Life Integration     How to combine a family life with a high demanding job in the marketplace?
Motivations and Drivers  What are the forces that drive you?
Tough Decisions  How to make tough decisions in your life and business?  


Second part
Bringing People in their Destination     Building on the strengths of your employees for higher performance 
Communication  Effective communications to reach goals and to solve conflicts
Identity and Behaviour  How do you view yourself and what are the consequences? -
 How to work on behavioural change in your company.
Resilience  Stress and axiety is part of life, how to deal with it?
Meaning and Success  What is the difference and how to bring them together?
A New World  A dream for this world and for your life

We recorded all topics described above. If you would like to start? Watch the videos prior to the meeting and make your live talk, or use the videos during the meeting. 
Watch & Download the videos

Why join?

We hope that as a result of these meetings you will have great friendships, will be better equipped to be on top of the game at work, having a better and meaningful business, having a healthy family life, being more generous in all aspects of your life, feeling better, and being more considerate with the people around you.

Running the BridgeMeetings?

Get trained, get more information, get power points for live talks or understand the key-issues for success. Mail to and we will get in touch with you.