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The city of Durres

Durres is central on the coast and about 33 km from Tirana and the airport.
It is the largest port and second largest city and a municipality of Albania. Founded by Greek colonists from Corinth and Corfu as Epidamnos in 627 BC, and is one of the oldest cities in Albania.


We will have our conference in the Albanian Star Hotel in Durres.

The Albanian Star Hotel is immediately positioned on the sea shore. The hotel reputation has grown mainly thanks to the professional personalized service. Albanian Star Hotel offers a 4-star quality service.

 Be aware that if you would like to stay at the hotel during the conference, you will have to register directly at the hotel. More information can be found here , and registration is possible by phone: +355 67 20 61 003, or by email. Their online booking is not working well, so don’t use this and mention the fact that you join our conference in your mail or in your call.


Costs for the Hotel

Prices for the hotel, per person, per night, are:

  • € 26 (ALL 3500) Double room. Including breakfast, lunches and dinners and coffee breaks
  • € 37 (ALL 4900) Single room. Including breakfast, lunches and dinners and 2 coffee breaks

 You pay this at the Hotel reception desk at arrival

Conference fee:

The conference fee for access to the conference program is € 10,-- (ALL 1325)
You can pay this at arrival at the registration desk at Thursday between 17.00 -18.00 or every day at the start of the program between 8.00 – 9.00h.
Participants who join the conference, without sleeping at this hotel, pay their lunch/dinner and coffee at the registration desk. They will receive vouchers. 

The costs will be:
Lunch:   € 8,-- (ALL 1060)
Dinner: € 8,-- (ALL 1060)
Coffee break: € 1,50 ( ALL 200) 


People who come from the airport can take a taxi. The price will be around € 26.50 (ALL 3500).
We would recommend that passengers use only licensed taxis, which are yellow with a red ATEx logo and the airport logo on both sides of the vehicle. At the airport, these taxis park in front of the terminal and also at the pick up area of the terminal.

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